Rose Williams

If you are a fan of the hit CW show Reign, chances are you’ve heard of the beautiful 22 year old Rose Williams who plays the role of Princess Claude.  This charming actress from London didn’t always have her eye on an acting career.  Rose actually got her start on set in the wardrobe department and had decided it was her passion.  By chance she met a wonderful filmmaker Robin Fraser who had her audition for his first short.  Rose got the part!  Shortly after, she met her “acting fairy godmother” who took her on as a client.  The rest is history.

We had the pleasure of shooting with Rose while she was vacationing in Los Angeles.  Read below as she dishes on her hair inspirations and go-to styles.



Describe your dream hair.

Rose:  Bleach blonde Brigitte Bardot, or a long, thick deep brunette like Penelope Cruz.

Favorite everyday hairstyle?

Rose:  My go-to is a high top bun.  I need to branch out.  Maybe I’ll start doing a low bun.

Worst hair day?

Rose:  LIMP, NO VOLUME.  The “wet fish” look.

What’s the craziest thing you have ever done to your hair?

Rose:  I put power bleach all over my dark purple hair.  It came out a horrible fried orange color!

Biggest hair challenge?

Rose:  Creating volume with my natural hair.  I have dyed it all different colors throughout my teens and had to stop when I started acting.  It was much easier to style with bleach blonde hair.  My hair feels naked and confused when it is natural.

Keep an eye out for this starlet in the upcoming 4th season of Reign.



Talent:  @rosevictoriawilliams  ×  Photographer: @angelamarklew  ×  Makeup: @kalelikethesalad  ×  Hair: @hairbyashleyh using @love_kevin_murphy  ×  @theartofhairstyling