How-to: Wet Hairstyling



  1. Start on damp hair.
  2. Create a parting from behind one ear over the head to the other side and clip front section out of the way.
  3. Add a little styling foam to from roots to mid-shaft and comb section down molding hair to head and secure with setting clips at the nape of the neck.
  4. Add styling foam to front section, comb hair up and back loosely to meet the previous section and secure with setting clips at nape of neck.
  5. Using the tail end of a rat tail comb separate the hair below the nape of the neck and place it in desired shape on back, chest & neck.
  6. Remove setting clips once style holds form to finish!


model Ma Zizhan @ Next Models, makeup Dana Delaney @ Forward Artists,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department