How to go sleek for summer!

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  1. Add a small amount of a medium/soft hold mousse to damp hair and brush through.
  2. Create a parting from one ear to the other going over the head and section off for later.
  3. Working from bottom up take 2″ horizontal sections and round brush each section keeping the ends straighter until you reach the front.
  4. Add a little more mousse to the roots around the hairline.
  5. This time take 1″ sections and round brush back away from the face.  Dry mid-shaft through ends 1st then round brush roots until they are dry but still have a little product on them.
  6. Once all hair has been dried  apply a little smoothing serum or anti-frizz sheets from mid-shaft through ends to get the hair super sleek.
  7. Lightly brush through style to finish.  The product left at roots will give that line effect and hold throughout the day!

– Ashley Lynn Hall