How-to go from soft to sleek!



  1. Begin by generously applying styling foam to damp hair.
  2. Blow hair out in sections using a round brush.
  3. Create 2″ horizontal section beginning at the nape of the neck.
  4. Taking large sections curl hair in a downward direction using a 1.5″ curling iron.
  5. Repeat sections working upwards until entire head of hair is curled.  When you reach the hairline curl hair away from the face.
  6. Create a parting and brush through curls for a soft finish.

(Deep side part)

  1. Create  a deep side parting.
  2. Lightly spray hairline with hairspray on one side and smooth with a comb.
  3. Repeat on opposite side to finish.

(Slicked back)

  1. Create a parting from ear to ear going over the head.
  2.  Take 1″ sections from the parting, apply a little styling foam to roots and comb back and down.
  3. Repeat this working your way forward until all hair is slicked back.
  4. Use setting pins to hold style in place while drying.
  5. Once style has dried in place remove setting clips to finish.


photographed by Angela Marklew @ 7 Artist Management,  model Katuisha Feofanova @ Vision Los Angeles, styling Kelly Brown, makeup Anthony Merante @ Tomlinson Management,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department