how-to: Refresh Natural Curls

How-to:  To refresh and bring limp curls back to life start by separating the curls that need a bit of help from the curls that are already good to go.  To bring back those bouncy curls quickly spray allover with water bottle to dampen desired sections.  Generously spray each section with a curl refreshing spray.  Take small sections and comb through each section to detangle then twist around your finger to bring back curl and lock in moisture. Remove any excess drip when twisting.  Repeat on all curls that need refreshing.  Let air dry or for quicker results diffuse with a hair dryer.  Using your fingers separate the dried curls and pick to create desired fullness.

photographer Angela Marklew @ 7 Artist Management,  model Audre @ Freedom Models,  makeup Dana Delaney @ Forward Artists,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Atelier Management

how-to: SOFT CURLS

How-to:  Start on clean dry hair.  Spray a heat protective spray all over.  Create a center parting ang bring it down to the nape of the neck and using 2 sectioning clips section them off.  Take a 1” diagonal section from each side starting at the nape of the neck.  Using a 1/2” barrel curling iron take 1” sections and spiral curl each in the opposite direction of the previous curl.  Repeat until all the hair has been curled.  To refine the curls and give more volume to the roots take a mini flat iron and lift/curl small sections to create desired shape.  Run your fingers through curls to break them up.  Lightly spray with a soft texture spray and work with your fingers to finish style.

photographer Angela Marklew @ 7 Artist Management,  model Hailey @ Freedom Models,  makeup Tami Shirey @ Atelier Management,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Atelier Management

how-to: WET LOOK

How-to:  This look works best on natural curly or hair with a light wave.  Start on damp hair.  Apply a generous amount of styling foam to hands and work through hair.  Lightly comb hair back away from face with a wide tooth comb (don’t over comb).  Using setting clips secure desired shape leaving out a few pieces around hairline.  Scrunch hair from ends upward to enhance curl or wave.  For more volume at top loosen & lift section.  Secure final style with setting clips & let air dry.  Remove clips to finish.

photographer Angela Marklew @ 7 Artist Management,  model Angelina @ Wilhelmina Models,  makeup Sara Robey,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Atelier Management

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