Abby Williamson + Textured Updo

  • Begin on dry hair and spray allover with a texture spray.
  • Create a 1″ parting around the hairline and section of with sectioning clips.
  • Gather the remaining hair into a ponytail at the center back of head leaving small wispy pieces at nape of neck..
  • Lightly spray with a texture spray and rub fingers from crown towards the hairline to create a bit of texture.
  • Release the sections at the hairline.
  • Using hair pins start securing the hair around hairline loosely into the ponytail base.
  • Lightly spray again with a texturizing spray and work with fingers to finalize the desired texture.
  • model Abby Williamson,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department,  makeup Jadyn Ngo @ The Visionaries Agency

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