Ma Zizhan + Wet Hairstyling

  • Start by wetting hair with a spray bottle.
  • Create a parting from behind one ear over the head to the other side and clip front section out of the way.
  • Add a little styling foam to from roots to mid-shaft and comb section down molding hair to head and secure with setting clips at the nape of the neck.
  • Add styling foam to front section, comb hair up and back loosely to meet the previous section and secure with setting clips at nape of neck.
  • Using a comb separate the hair below the nape of the neck and place it in desired shape on back, chest & neck.
  • Remove setting clips once style holds form to finish!
  • model Ma Zizhan @ Next Models, makeup Dana Delaney @ Forward Artists,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department

    Madison Tabeek + Ethereal Hair

  • Begin on clean dry hair and lightly spray hair all over with a heat protective spray.
  • Starting at the nape of the neck curl all hair with a 1″ curling wand curling each section in the opposite direction as the last.
  • Curl the hair around the hairline away from face.
  • Flip head over and generously spray with a texture spray.
  • Lightly spray fingertips with hairspray and work style to achieve desired shape to finish.

  • model Madison Tabeek @ Next Models,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department,  makeup Jadyn Ngo @ The Visionairies Agency

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