Sleek & Wispy

How-to:  Start by creating a horizontal parting 2” above the nape of the neck & secure top section with clips.  Spray a light hold hairspray from the parting down to the nape of the neck & comb downward following the shape of he head.  Create another parting 1” up and repeat the previous step.  Continue until you have reached the hairline.  Once you reach the hairline section out the wispy pieces and secure with setting clips.  Spray the last section with hairspray & comb back working the style to achieve the desired shape.  Remove the setting clips.  Dampen each wispy section with hairspray using your fingers & comb onto face creating the shape with an edge brush.  Repeat on all wispy sections.  Let style air dry to finish.  

photographer Angela Marklew @ 7 Artist Management,  model Chloe Blanchard @ The Lions LA,  makeup Tami Shirey @ Atelier Management,  hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Department

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